07 April 2014

Turkish Wine of the Week - Terra Boğazkere

It seems the one consistent thing about my wine drinking is that I drink far more red than I do white. In college I'd have told you that I was a white wine drinker but the more I explored wines and learned about grape profiles the more I realized I preferred reds. Which also means that I now gravitate towards them more often simply because I know more about them and feel more confident choosing a red wine. I really must start picking up more whites and rectify this. Before we get there though...lets discuss the Terra Boğazkere.

I've already reviewed an Okuzguzu and the Okuzguzu-Boğazkere blend but this is the first straight up Boğazkere. I really liked the blend and the Okuzguzu on its own not so much. The Boğazkere on its own-total winner.

The Terra Boğazkere had a nice plummy purple color. A Boğazkere grape's flavor profile is pretty complex: black cherry, raspberry, black raspberry, black mulberry, pepper, clove, tobacco, eucalyptus, leather (!), pine, dark chocolate, and liquorice. I'm not nearly good enough to pick out those flavors individually but did get a lot of red fruits and the tobacco in both the nose and flavor. My favorite part about the wine though? The feel of it in my mouth. There are a lot of people who don't like tanins in their wine but I am not one of them. If you're like me, you'll love this.

Even after breathing and having been opened for some time the tanins stayed very strong. This was a good wine for me as I find that I drink rather too quickly sometimes but I so enjoyed the feel of the Boğazkere that I held each sip on my tongue and rolled it around a bit thus drawing out the flavor and experience. It was like being able to both taste and feel grape skins in my mouth.

So far I'm having pretty good luck with both the Terra and Pamukkale wines and this is no exception - the Terra Boğazkere is a winner and I will most definitely be buying this again. Which I suppose doesn't help my resolution to drink more white wines...

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