13 October 2014

Turkish Wine of the Week - Buzbağ Bölge Serisi Diyarbakır Boğazkere

This week's wine has a madly long name. I'm not entirely sure it quite lives up to its name though. The Terra remains my favorite Boğazkere still but I feel there's room in my heart for the  Buzbağ Bölge Serisi Diyarbakır Boğazkere.

I feel like I'm predisposed to like a wine that has a beautiful color; and this seems to be pretty on target. I really don't understand why people use colored wine glasses. Sure they're pretty; but many wines, red and white, are lovely in and of themselves. So it is with the Buzbağ Boğazkere; it has a
beautiful, deep, ruby red color that glows but loses no depth in light.

On the nose it's fruity with red fruits and berries and a hint of pepper. I live for tannins which is why I love the Terra Boğazkere so much. If you are not quite as obsessed with tannins as I though then you might like the Buzbağ Boğazkere better. It is indeed though a delight in the mouth; smooth, velvety, slightly chewy, with a medium finish.

In the palate this Boğazkere, for me at any rate, has some very clear flavors. Up front with the velvety texture are black mulberry and black cherry which slide into liquorice and tobacco, then finish with a hint of pepper.It's a winner. Not a gold medalist; but a respectful bronze.

If the way it went with my kiymali kasarli pide is any indication; it does well with meat. And cheese. Ad yummy meat and cheese on bread. On the other hand, what doesn't go well with meat, melty cheese, and bread? Nothing I ever want to encounter.

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