06 October 2014

Turkish Wine of the Week - Suvla Reserve Petit Verdot-Karasakiz

Holy tannins, Batman! Is it possible to be in love with a wine? Well if it is then between Suvla's Sur and this Petit Verdot I'm cheating on someone.

We've talked about Petit Verdot and how it's usually a miniscule 2% added to wines for color effect and how very few wine makers fully utilize the grape. Suvla is one of the wise wine makers that does and its Reserve Petit Verdot/Karasakiz is worth the price tag. It's really a shame that more wine makers don't use Petit Verdot in a bigger way because it has a really fantastic flavor. Plus the tannins and we know how much I love tannins!

The look in the glass is, for me, promising; it's a dark dark red-purple. There is no light getting through this wine. For me the darkness followed all the way through the nose and palate. On the nose it's dry fruit, chocolate, I got a little vanilla maybe, and with a bit of a spicy punch. Then the palate; and this is where things got really interesting. Because tannins. This is one of those wine I almost forget to taste because I'm too busy enjoying the feel of it in my mouth: smooth, silky, and luxurious.

When I remembered to actually taste it I was not disappointed. Dark fruits like berry and cherry as well as dried red fruit burst on the tongue. It's not a juicy but succulent fruit flavor which gives way to smooth chocolate, cinnamon, and definitely some black pepper.

The Suvla description: "After the diligent vinification process, the wine was aged for 20 years in oak barrels. With dense and very thick garnet red color, the wine has developed a rich bouquet that primarily shows off fruity notes like cherry and blackberry, then comes out hints of sandalwood, cinnamon, black pepper, mocha and fresh walnut. The attack and the mid-palate are supple, consistent and dynamic. Afterwards the wine develops its powerful mighty structure over a strong core. In mouth it is enhancing fruity notes than passing on black chocolate and dried prune. The finish is impressive."

I continue to love Suvla's motto

Suvla's writer strikes again with a great description if not so great English. I am looking for contract editorial work so...you can hire me Suvla! I'll fix that right up for you and will work for product!

I think it might be a little bit overkill to say it but: Winner! Winner, winner, winner, winner. I should be getting paid for my last consulting contract soon and as soon as I pay off my credit card bill I'm headed back to the Suvla shop in Cihangir for some new options...and probably another bottle of this!

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