03 November 2014

Turkish Wine of the Week - A Brief Sabbatical

I'm sick. It's depressing. Largely because I can't taste wine well enough to drink it. Not that that's stopped me in the past given that my mom's answer to an upper respiratory infection when we were kids was a Seven-Seven which I'm glad I couldn't actually taste because ick. But since this is supposed to be a wine review I thought it pretty useless to drink the wine if I couldn't really taste it. I was so looking forward to trying the Suvla Merlot!

I could write up a tea review since that's what I've been knocking back all week (Lipton Yellow Label baby!) but that's not terribly exciting. Although I did make chai today (with an assist from spices bought at the grocery store in Nairobi).

Since I leave on Thursday for a couple weeks that means there won't be a review next week either. I'll be trading in wine for cider while I'm in the UK! Lots and lots of cider. I'll be back on the 24 and we'll tackle the Suvla Merlot!

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