06 January 2015

Arthur Christmas and Turkish Hot Chocolate

Happy Epiphany/Twelfth Night! And Merry Christmas to our Orthodox friends!

For the last day of hot chocolate and Christmas movies I chose a new favorite movie and tried a Turkish twist for the chocolate. The movie was great. The hot chocolate...eh not so much. Arthur Christmas is adorable and the movie has a great cast. It's worth the watch alone for Cutie McScottish (otherwise known as James McAvoy).

I thought for the very last hot chocolate I'd do something mocha-style but with Turkish coffee. This seemed like a really good idea in my head. Not so much as it turned out. In fact less of a good idea than putting jam in hot chocolate. Turkish coffee and chocolate flavors do not mix well, not like everyone else's coffee and chocolate. I added some sugar and a lot of cocoa powder in an attempt to blend the flavors a little more. It didn't come out undrinkable...but I wouldn't really recommend it.

My suggestion, if you want to make a mocha hot chocolate, would be to either just substitute some milk for fresh-brewed coffee or, better yet, steep some whole coffee beans in milk for like an hour, discard them, then whisk in the coffee as per usual.

This was fun! Since it's fracking cold and snowing here I'm going to continue to make hot chocolates even if they don't go up on the blog. Hope you tried and liked a few of these! I'm thinking a series of lemonades for the summer.

Happy Christmas to all!

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