12 January 2015

Turkish Wine of the Week - Majestik 2013 Syrah & Kalecik Karasi

Whenever I go into Carrefour I take a quick look at the wine section to see if I can find red wines at a) I haven't tried yet, b) aren't massively over priced, and c) aren't Merlots. My options are dwindling. I did manage to find something from Sevilen's Majestik line that I haven't tried yet; it's 2013 Syrah/Kalecik Karasi blend.

I find that I tend to enjoy the flavor of a wine more if I feel it has a pleasing color. This must be some sot of subconscious something but holds true in this case. I thought the dark purply-red color was lovely. I'd love a dress in that color.

The nose was as pleasing as the color, redolent with red fruits, especially raspberries. I love wines that have a heavier berry profile (which likely explains my preference for red to white wines).

Medium tannins on the palate which quickly gave way to an explosion of forest fruits (again especially raspberries) and I think tobacco? The 2013 Majestik Syrah/Kalecik Karasi isn't an especially layered or "sophisticated" wine but any time I get an explosion of juicy forest fruits I'm jumping on the band wagon. Wine doesn't always have to be complicated or leave you stumped as you search for descriptors for what you're tasting. I like slightly jammy wines with berry profiles and a little tannin to make it interesting; therefore I like this one and imagine I'll go back for more.

It did not hurt that this went with one of my favorite dinners: cheese and bread with oil and balsamic!

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