06 May 2015

Turkish Wine of the Week - Pamukkale Senfoni 2013 Sultaniye Sweet

I have now had and written about the Pamukkale Senfoni Sek and Domi Sek. I've always quite liked the domi sek but I never tried the full-on sweet. Until now.

Sweet wines pair beautifully with spicy food which is one of the reasons I find myself eating a lot of çiğ köfte; they go well with the oh-so quaffable Miskets I like to drink in the summer. Assuming that a sweet Sultaniye grape would pair just as nicely I decided to try the full on sweet Pamukkale Senfoni when I made blacked Salmon a few weeks ago. It was a good choice.

The color of pale hay with green lights, this wine is as pretty as it is delicious. The nose, full of florals, mango, and pineapple was a promise to be fulfilled by the taste. The tropical fruits and flowers lend themselves to a an easy to drink, not overly sweet wine that's smooth and refreshing on the tongue.

Why don't I drink this more? I should, especially at 25TL a bottle it and Pamukkale's other Senfonis are a steal. Now that spring has really and finally arrived in Istanbul I will be drinking more white wines. Although considering the backlog of posts I have about red ones one would never know that I'm trying to switch to white now!

Oh sweet white wines, I love you.

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