02 November 2015

Happy Returns!

So after Andrea's visit to the US, we decided that I should make my return to the Blog after a two year hiatus. Since my last posts, many things have changed for me: I returned to the US from Iraq/Egypt/England, married, started my family (not all in that order!) and settled into a much less exciting life, though still full of food, and adventures of a different sort. 

Going forward, my posts will probably be brief, likely written during the course of nap time, when I have peace and quiet to gather my thoughts (and cook!). However, expect to read about yummy food discoveries, restaurants, and family adventures with a toddler in tow. You can find regular updates on Instagram with the hashtag #MimiAkidi 

So now, shall we get to it then, eh?

Yesterday was Hallowe'en, and we were invited to a party with some neighbor-friends who have a son the same age as our Mimi. As any good party-goer, I came with food in tow, and prepared my go-to Asian-style slaw with Ginger peanut dressing. I use a few cheats, but this one is mostly adapted from Serious Eats. http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2013/01/asian-slaw-ginger-peanut-dressing-recipe.html

My shortcuts typically include pre-minced ginger and garlic, and pre-chopped cabbage from the grocery store. It'll save you at least 10 minutes!!! This time, I used ginger and garlic from our local farmers market, and pre chopped cabbage, and one extra pepper. The rest of the ingredients, I already had on hand. 

Here's the dressing ready to be whisked together. 

This is how I put the salad together. I think it makes a beautifully colorful presentation. I keep the salad and the dressing separated until it's ready to serve, and then pour over the top and let the flavors come together while at the party. 

This one is a winner, and I think you'll enjoy it too. What are your favorite party recipes?

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