06 January 2016

Turkish Wine of the Week - Kocabağ 2013 Boğazkere

Funny story. Also kind of embarrassing...while I was in Cappadocia with my brother I was determined to visit the Turasan Winery which is just 10 kilometers from where we were staying. My brother was up for being dragged along so off we went to Urgup. After a really nice lunch we headed up a steepish hill and zig zagged through some street construction until we arrived at a şarap evi (wine house). It didn't say Turasan but according to the crappy GPS on my phone we were where we were supposed to be. 

Yeah, no. We weren't where we were supposed to be. But I just shrugged and went with it. While they did have a few Turasan wines on the shelf we'd found a selling point for Kocabağ which was a name I didn't recognize. The gentleman in the shop confirmed that it's mostly sold locally and very few of their wines make it to Istanbul. So wrong shop but yay for learning something new. I was also thrilled to see not one, not two, but FOUR Emir varietal wines. FOUR. Before that moment I thought Turasan were the only ones making Emir varietals. 

We're talking about one of the Emirs today though (I bought three!) but about Kocabağ's 2013 Boğazkere.

In the glass it's a beautiful blue-violet, deep purple which I have recently learned is an indicator of low acid. The nose, which I really liked was full of black and dried fruits, raspberry, mulberry, clove, and a little leather.

After having my expectations built up by the lovely nose I felt rather let down by the wine's flavor. It was a little on the side and with much lower tannins than I generally expect from a Boğazkere. That said, the black fruits, black mulberry, chocolate, and leather flavors and lingering finish didn't exactly hurt my feelings.

Because it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be I would categorize this as a food wine. In fact it went beautifully with pork salamis and Parmesan (but NOT with sharp cheddar and green apples-lesson learned there).  In the end I give it 3 stars (on a Turkish wine scale).

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