13 January 2016

Turkish Wine of the Week - Tellus 2013 Merlot-Syrah

I'd had a rough couple work days and really just wanted to wind down my Friday with a nice glass of wine. Sigh.  This did not help my rage. (There was rage the week I drank this).

The Tellus was another one of those purchases I make even when I know I shouldn't. I don't like Merlot. I just don't but I bought this anyway because the gentleman at La Cave really recommended it. The gentleman who does not drink. So really I deserved this.

Initially I was really excited about the color. I've said before that I can often tell by the color of the wine whether or not I'll like it and the plummy purple of the Tellus Merlot-Syrah in my glass made me all hopeful. This! This would be the Merlot I would like!

My dreams were quickly dashed when I realized it was that my purple place mat was reflecting in glass. The wine was really a brownish-red color. One disappointment lead to another as I investigated the nose. I couldn't pick out any distinctive fruits just an overwhelming sense of hot, spice, and sickly sweet.

Really this wine was not helping with my rage. Fueling the fire more like. Especially when I started sipping it. Light tannins, high acid, it kind of burned going down; like Coke does. But without that really satisfying I'm drinking Coke feeling. Again no fruits that I could really distinguish, just hot and jammy-and not jammy in a good way.

So, rage not assuaged and I was drinking wine that was basically a hangover in a bottle. Hopefully I at least learned my lesson and will stop listening to the guys at La Cave when they tell me something's good. At least this time I was only out 25TL.

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