25 May 2016

Turkish Wine of the Week - Arda 2013 Şiraz

Since the Arda Cabernet Sauvignon was such a hit we decided to try the Şiraz, also purchased from Solera for 45 TL (65 TL shelf price).

Eight months in French oak added some nice chocolatey scents which mingled well with the blackberry-blueberry fruit scents at the top of the nose. I also got what I think was some eucalyptus and mint.

It probably could have used some time to breathe but I'm just not that patient. I should be though because that lack of patience gave us a wine that was a little off balance with too much acid. I really think some time breathing would mellow that out though. Nice round tannins though with a long finish which really carried the blueberry and mint flavors.

I like Arda's Cabernet Sauvignon better which wasn't a surprise since I generally prefer Cabernet to Shiraz. However I did like this which made me happy. I feel like I should like Shiraz more; it has a flavor profile that on paper appeals to me but I just never really like flavor in reality so very happy to find the Arda Şiraz!

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