04 May 2016

Turkish Wine of the Week - Likya 2014 Malbec

I have been burned by Turkish Malbec's before (LINK?) so I was a little (i.e. a whole lot) trepidacious when the guys as La Cave recommended Likya's Malbec. Likya produces two Malbecs, a pricey reserve and the reasonably priced 2014. Since it was only going to set me back 45TL I decided to be brave and give it a try.

My first thought when I got a whiff of the nose... "ooooo".  Even though this isn't Likya's reserve Malbec it has a lot of reserve-style scents like black fruits, tobacco, and oak.

It was softer on the palate than I expected after the nose and had no discernible tannins but a good amount of acid and a pretty decent finish for a medium-bodied wine. Flavors in the mouth were blueberry, grape jam, and something candy-like. The tobacco was less strong than in the nose while still being an integral part of the flavor, backing up the fruits. 

I was so excited by this that I immediately messaged E, who was stuck on a compound in Kabul, to tell her that I had finally found a really nice domestic Malbec for us. In fact I'm so excited about this wine that I'm ready to pony up the dough for the reserve!

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