07 December 2007

Self Portrait in Gingerbread

Lauren and I spent Wednesday night making Christmas cookie. Well, really Lauren was making the cookies; I only helped to decorate while I watched Mickey's Christmas Carol on her laptop. Her mom sent her a bunch of old fashioned cookie cutters, the great copper and tin ones that she used as a kid. We made angels, santas, reindeer, bells, trees, stars, and gingerbread.

Decorating was ever so much fun especially since we used inappropriate colors for everything which resulted in blue reindeer and orange trees. We even tried to mix in this gold luster dust that I have. Aside: The makers claim that it is completely non toxic but recommend using it for decorating only and not for eating. My question is if you're using it to decorate food, as is its purpose how then do you avoid eating it? Sadly though, the dust did not turn the frosting sparkling or gold but kind of...salmon. My favorite reindeer is this slightly blurry guy which to me resembles more a slightly deranged bunny rabbit than a reindeer.

In the end, since the gingerbread man cutter was so large, Lauren only made two and we each decorated one.

Later that night as we put away the cookies I noticed something interesting about our g-men. They were us!! Other than the fact that mine somehow looks like a baseball player with a lazy eye (completely unintentional), our g-men somehow reflected us in the height difference. The proof-us:

(and no, neither is this a perspective issue nor am I standing on a box-that's the actual difference in our heights)

And a second look at the cookies:

Coincidence? I think not.

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