05 December 2007

Surprise Ornaments

So Lauren and I are doing our thing tonight (which means mostly that we were enjoying the CBS family classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer while drinking wine) and I decided to take more ornament pictures. In my study of the tree I was quite surprised to find this:

Hello-what are you? "Lauren," says I, "why is there a pillow on the tree?" "A what?" "There's an ornament on the tree and it's a pillow-with fruit on it." Lauren came over and we both inspected this new ornament neither of us had ever seen. "Huh."

Five minutes later, while I was photographing our smaller themed tree in the dining room I hear: "Moglie..." "Si?" (occasionally we speak to each other in Italian but it's pretty limited to: moglie, si, ciao, grazie, and prego). "There's a Hershey truck on the tree." "A what?" (deja vu all over again there). "There's a Hershey truck ornament on the tree!" I went over to her and by gum there was indeed a Hershey Truck ornament on the tree:

So now the big mystery is, from whence did these come? Are there more? Will they multiply overnight? We are rather confused. St. Nikolas does not come until tonight so he didn't bring them; I'd be shocked if J.Fo. contributed them, bah humbug that he is. Perhaps Grizz? She knew we were concerned over the sparseness of decoration on this year's tree (due more to a larger tree than a disappearance of ornaments) but when did she hang them? She didn't do it this morning so perhaps last night? A mystery...

Camera: Kodak EasyShare Z740

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