01 July 2014

Turkish Wine of the Week - Arya Kalecik Karasi-Bogazkere

I know I'm a day late this week but I had a good reason and I'll be blogging about it this week!

I was at The Cave, my local alcohol, shop, the other week looking for a selection of Turkish wines to try out on visiting friends. The guy who was helping was friendly but unfortunately useless as far as personal recommendations went as he doesn't drink alcohol. Insert blank face here. So I ended up with two bottles, an expensive bottle of one of the Suvlas on my list and a cheap bottle of a wine I've never heard of. That's the one we're reviewing today.

Right off the bat I wanted to like the Arya. I enjoy a butterfly so if you put one, a purple one no less, on your label I'm likely to be drawn to it. It also did not hurt that it was a pretty cheap wine, only 15 TL (about $7.50) and it was a blend of two of the Turkish reds I like: Kalecik Karasi and Bogazkere. I was further happy when the wine turned out to be almost the exact shade of plummy purple as the butterfly on the label.

If you've read any of my wine posts at all then you'll know that I often describe the nose (ie smell) of a wine. For the Arya I would say that the nose was deep, dark, and full of dried red fruits. Similarly I would describe the flavor as being smooth, with light to no tanins, and full of red fruits. I could say these things. It's possible I might even be right. But I'm not going to say these things. Sometimes when I drink a wine I don't taste the undertones of flint, mint, or tobacco. Sometimes I don't even taste the top notes of red fruits, blah, blah, blah. I just taste wine. So it was with the Arya.

Does that mean that it's a bad wine? No. Doesn't mean anything, really. I still rather liked it even. I found it to be kind of Chianti-esque and it went very well with pasta and pizza. Or maybe it was just because I ate pasta and pizza this weekend that I was thinking about Chiantis...

Also, I'll buy this wine again. Why not? I may not be able to wax eloquent about the hints of this or that in its flavor profile; but it was cheap, it was decent, and bonus, it didn't give me a red wine hanger. That's a winner in my book!

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