25 July 2014


I've been to Buyukada a few times, most recently in April for the Festival of Saint George (still waiting for my wish to come true) but that's the only of Istanbul's Prince's Islands that I've visited. With MG still in town (no she's not actually still here, I'm just insanely lazy about posting) it seemed like a good time to try a new island.

Personally...they seem really similar. Heybeyliada has slightly shorter hills and unlike Buyukada has some flat spaces. When you debark at Buyukada you have to start walking uphill almost immediately. In theory Heybeyliada also does not allow motor vehicles...but the naval academy/base has vehicles driving hinder and yon so there's more traffic.

What Heybeliada DOES have going for it is a fantastic little bakery just behind the main seaside road. The bakery has a range of scrummy goodness but my favorites are the giant macaroons (cocos) that are 2TL each I think...maybe they're even just 1TL. They're glorious and if you like coconut these will not fail you. It's worth the 90 minute boat ride just to get some of these. Seriously.

Seriously? This cracked me up.
I have decided though that if I need a wee get away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul, and from Sherlock who now thinks the best way to wake me up is to wrap herself around one of my feet and attack, that I will stay at the Merit Halki Palace Hotel. Who wouldn't want to stay in something cotton candy pink?

The hotel looks beautiful, has a pool (which may even overlook the Marmara), and looks like the perfect venue for a wedding. So I guess it's a good thing they do weddings. They do events of all kinds so I might try to convince my current employers that they need to hold their next meeting here.

Merit Halki Palace Hotel

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