14 July 2014

Turkish Wine of the Week - Leona Bloom Misket

Yet another winner in the Misket family! I've only tried one wine from Leona in the past, a Kalecik Karasi/Merlot blend for which I didn't much care; however the Bloom was quite lovely.

As with the previous Miskets, the Leona Bloom had a lovely pale, clear yellow color and floral nose. However I found the usual orange blossom to be even more evident in the Bloom's nose. Since the orange blossom aspect of the Miskets is my favorite part of the wine I certainly enjoyed that extra little kick! The flavor profile was also very much what I expected from a Misket. The main stand out point of the Bloom flavor was that the citrus notes were much more evident than I have found in other Miskets.

At about 32TL a bottle the Leona Bloom follows in line with nose, flavor, and price as all previous Miskets. So far not a one has been a disappointment!


Anonymous said...

really loved this wine, tried in Turkey last year, so much so, I am still trying to find a stockist closer to home, can anyone help? cheers Lesley

Andrea said...

I wish I knew what to tell you! There are a few online distributors with Turkish wines but I've not seen the Leona.