01 February 2016

Turkish Breakfast - Kahve 6

I have always enjoyed breakfast and when brunch went from rehashing the week's left overs for a ridiculous price to food art I was thrilled. However I don't think anyone manages to do breakfast the way the Turks do. Breakfast places abound here so I thought it was high time to focus some of my adventures on that most magnificent thing we call Turkish breakfast.

The adventure begins in Cihangir where you can't spit without hitting a cafe or all-day breakfast restaurant. One of my favorite breakfast places, Van Kahvaltı Evi is located here but that is not where we're beginning (but we will get there eventually). We begin with Kahve 6. Tucked away off the main drag of Cihangir this cozy cafe opens into a lovely garden in the back. Unfortunately the day I went with some friends was the same day Winter decided to rear its ugly head and cover Istanbul with cold and snow.

The Full on Breakfast plate

Places with good breakfast are usually slammed and Kahve 6 was no exception. Unfortunately what was exceptional was the poor service. We managed to grab the last free table inside and got menus pretty quickly but then it took ages to get someone to take out order. When that was finally done I think we sat for another 20 minutes or so before the food started coming out. Considering one of the things we ordered required no major preparation (aside from spooning pre made things into dishes) I thought the wait was kind of unforgivable. Additionally, in true Turkey fashion*, the food came out in drips and drabs starting with two of the cooked dishes, finally the cold platter, and then the third and fourth cooked dishes.

Menemen - sade

When we did finally all get our food though it was pretty damn yummy. The Full on Breakfast plate was pretty standard but there was this one cheese I've never had before and it is now my mission in life to find it. Although I have to figure out what it's called first. Whatever it was it was creamy, tangy, cheesey Heaven.

Scrambled egg sandwich

The menemen-a Turkish breakfast staple consisting of eggs scrambled with tomatoes and hot green peppers was good if not overly remarkable. However the scrambled egg sandwich served with feta cheese and tomato paste on the side was quite excellent. I'm not entirely sure what kind of bread they use but they were similar to a giant English Muffin.


What was inspired was the Çıldır. What is Çıldır? you ask. Çıldır is the genius combination of poached eggs served over sauteed spinach on one of those monster-sized English Muffins swimming in garlic yogurt. Why have I never thought to pour garlic yogurt on eggs? Garlic yogurt makes everything better. Also amazing was the katmer. I don't even know how to describe what katmer is. The description is 'phyllo pastry filled with ricotta topped with honey and cream' but that's not what made it to the table. What we got were slices of flaky, semi-sweet pastry served with honey, mulberry jam, walnuts, golden raisins, and tastes like licking a goat cheese served on the side. The honey really smoothed out the intensity of cheese and rolled up in the katmer was the perfect blend of savory-sweet.


Aside from the service Kahve 6 gets two pretty enthusiastic thumbs up. I forgive a lot for good food and Kahve 6 is certainly serving that.

*While the more top end restaurants have service down there are still too many places that serve food whenever it gets put together. Generally Turks don't wait for everyone to be served before eating because they know it could be another five or more minutes and their food will get cold.

Kahve 6 
Cihangir Akarsu Cad./Anahtar Sok. 13/A
Beyoglu, Istanbul

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