24 February 2016

Turkish Wine of the Week - Antioche 2012 Rezerv

A couple weeks ago I was at a lovely restaurant up the street from mine, Dai Pera. We go to Dai Pera fairly often because in addition to their menu (the mezzes are amazing) they have an excellent wine list. We were one very nice bottle in and I was sampling the second bottle when my friends' mocking was just too much. I tried desperately not to laugh and to keep my lips together but eventually their musings over the overt flavors of conga line dances with underlying bumblebee became too much for me and I couldn't hold in my laughter anymore. Sadly, along with the laughter out also came the mouthful of wine and I sprayed red wine across the table and the friend directly across from me. What a shameful waste of a Gali. It would have been less of a waste and embarrassment had that happened with this week's wine. It wasn't bad...really. But it was only 'meh' at best.

Antioche's 2012 Rezerv is a Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Sangiovese blend from Hatay.

The nose was nice enough: forest berries, dried fruits, pepper, and a little green bell.On the palate though the low tannins and low acid made for flabby wine. Combined with the cooked fruit flavors on the palate the Antioche was jammy and slightly syrupy tasting.

I've heard good things about the Hatay province. On Turkey's Mediterranean coast in the south it is famous for its beaches and food. However if this wine is a typical example of the viticulture I'll take a pass.

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