29 February 2016

Turkish Breakfast Review - Giritli Idilika

One of the many breakfast options in Cihangir, Giritli Idilika is tucked away behind the Firuzaga Mosque between several cafes. To make sure you have the right among amongst the jumble of tables, look our for blue checked table cloths outside and red checks inside.

This small cafe provides an all organic breakfast experience a la cart and/or a buffet breakfast (weekends only) and serves up Aegean-style twists on Turkish classics. The buffet is filled with all sorts of cheeses, cheese stuffed peppers, sun-dried tomato dishes, tomato paste, several yogurt-based dishes that I still don't know what they were but which were amazing (especially the one with pomegranate seeds), carrot salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, jams, honey, yogurt, mercemek köfte (lentil "meat"balls) and fruit. I thought the cinnamon sprinkled on the sliced green apples was a nice touch.

The buffet breakfast (20-something TL per person) also comes with unlimited tea but of course there is coffee and juice to order. To round out our buffet choices we also got an order of sucuklu menemen (scrambled eggs with tomato, spicy green chili, and sausage) which we sponged up with lovely, soft fresh bread.

I was not only a member of the clean plate club here but went up for seconds-particularly for the yogurt-based dishes and the carrot salad. Giritli Idilika serves up a gorgeous breakfast and I look forward to eating here again-especially when spring arrives and we can comfortably sit outside under the vines that grow around the mosque.

Giritli Idilika
Palaska Sokak 1
Courtyard of the Firuzaga Mosque

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