02 March 2016

Turkish WIne of the Week - Vino Dessera 2013 Cabernet Franc

This particular wine I've had for a while. I picked it up at Comedus maybe eight months ago, back when I still thought paying 70-something TL a bottle was outrageous. I feel like now that's my median per bottle amount.

I have an up and down relationship with Edirne's Vino Dessera. I've had a couple amazing wines from them and a couple less wines. Unfortunately for me (and my drinking companions) this one fell into the latter category.

In the glass it was a not very attractive brownish red color. While it has been aged three months in oak I couldn't detect any discernible oaky scents or flavors. In fact, I couldn't detect much of any scents or flavors period.

In the mouth low-medium tannins, high acid, and rather high alcohol (15%) gave the wine a very thin feeling. I know Cabernet Francs are generally on the medium bodied scale but I think this bottle had gone on a diet at some point.

It was okay with food but not okay enough to justify the bottle price. Despite this bad experience I'm not ready to give up on Vino Dessera! When they get it right (for my taste) they get it really right so I'm going to keep trying!

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