28 March 2016

Turkish Breakfast Review - Münhasır

Recently I met a couple friends at Münhasır for its breakfast. Münhasır, located just down the street from Istanbul's iconic Galata Tower is a charcuterie with an impressive selection of meats and cheeses, many of which are included in the big breakfast platter. None of us were in the mood for the big breakfast though so I need to go back for that another time.

First, I loved the feel of Münhasır. It's charming, feels welcoming and relaxed, and staff were nice (and English-speaking). Münhasır isn't big but it's a bright, comfortable space with nice little decorative touches, like distressed paper menus and orderly displays of its products.

Not that I could ever get tired of the traditional Turkish breakfast but I have been feeling the need to branch out so I selected Münhasır's yogurt and granola bowl: a generous portion of yogurt topped with crunchy home made granola, chunks of pear, pomegranate seeds, and slices of green apple. It was fantastic. While the flavor combination was really well-balanced and scrummy I definitely needed the combination. The yogurt Münhasır uses is goat-milk yogurt and while my palate loves a wide range of goat-milk cheeses I still shy away from other goat-milk products. And this was a strong flavored yogurt, like licking the actual goat strong.

I can't say I would ever choose to eat the yogurt on its own but I would probably eat anything if it were topped with Münhasır's granola. Thumbs up!

Şahkulu, Serdar-I Ekrem Cd. No. 23
Galata, Beyoğlu

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