09 March 2016

Turkish Wine of the Week - Sarafin 2013 Shiraz

For no particular reason I rarely buy wines by Sarafin which makes no sense as this maker has a reputation for making good wine. The 2013 Shiraz only supports that reputation.

A nice, plummy purple color, the nose was full of red and dark fruits, pepper, and leather. Aged 12 months in both French and American oak it was very aromatic; really quite nice.

On the palate it's smooth with well-integrated medium tannins and acid. It's a pretty big, full-bodied wine with lots of cooked fruit flavors, maybe some cassis, leather, and baking spices.

Is it the most remarkable Shiraz I've ever had? No. Was it horrible?  No. Was I expecting more after hearing so much about Sarafin...? Yeah, kind of. With all of the amazing producers I've recently discovered I cannot say that I will be in a rush any time soon to try more Sarafin wines.

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