07 March 2016

Turkish Breakfast Review - Nar Dükkan

I really like Nar Dükkan in Karaköy. Nestled in Tophane behind the gas station at the Tophane tram stop, Nar Dükkan has a large and varied menu including burgers that are possibly better than any burger I've had in the States. You can even get real bacon on them! But we're not talking about burgers, we're talking about breakfast options which Nar has in abundance.

I've done a couple breakfasts at Nar Dükkan. During the summer M and I went for Eggs Benedict which it does a credible job of making. There's real bacon for one thing so big points for that. English Muffins are substituted with hamburger buns which is a little odd and I had to scrape a crap ton of dill off the eggs. There's no reason for there to ever be dill anywhere but especially not on Eggs Benedict. Still is was pretty decent. Nar Dükkan also makes a good coffee served with fancy mint and strawberry water on the side.

On our next trip we went the more traditional route with a variety of egg dishes and its version of the full breakfast plate. For the price I found the full breakfast a little on the stingy side. It came with the requisite variety of cheeses, butter honey, a jam, some olives and some slices of fruit but had very little in the way of tomatoes and cucumbers and came with one lonely slice of very suspicious, bologna-looking like "meat". The eggs were quite nice though: menemen with peynir (a feta-like cheese) and fresh herbs and the three cheese omelet was really good.

I do like this place but I think I'll either visit only during lunch/dinner times or, if I'm there for breakfast again, stick to the egg dishes.

Nar Dükkan
Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa Mahallesi
Ali Paşa Değirmeni Sokak, No 22/A
Beyoğlu, İstanbul

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