06 December 2014

Edinburgh's Cemeteries

I love cemeteries, really I do. A lot of people find that strange but mostly my friends understand. Which is likely why they're my friends. So when I spotted several old cemeteries during our wandering I was quite happily that L enthusiastically followed me into them.

We found the Lincoln memorial quite interesting

I grew up not too far from a fairly old cemetery. There were a handful of burials from the mid-late 20th century but most of them were much older. My siblings and I would bike there during the summer and speculate over what killed everyone; especially the family plots that have five and more people all dying within a year of each other. Given that, it's probably not a huge surprise that I seek out cemeteries in new cities. The Jewish and Orthodox/mixed cemeteries in Belgrade have long been favorites. I have always believed that if you want to know the history of a city a cemetery is a good place to start; and so it is with Edinburgh's. The fallen tombs and lichen covered monuments only add to the beauty and ancientness of the city.

Calton Hill from the cemetery

Edinburgh Castle from a cemetery
Cemeteries are so peaceful; more so the older they are but even the new ones carry a sense of ease. I don't believe in vengeful ghosts and despite my great devotion to all things Joss Whedon, I'm also not terribly concerned that I'll be attacked by monsters in a cemetery (although thank you to Whedon in that, should that unlikely event occur, I believe I am well-schooled in knowing how to deal with the situation). I also don't think there's bad luck attached to cemeteries. Luckily neither do my parents who bought their plots during a buy one get one half off sale (seriously, this is true) when the Saint Michael's parish in my home town was first established; thereby leaving me with one less thing to worry about when they die. Fun fact: vaults are required in Michigan cemeteries so you can actually put anything in said vault. My brother and I have been after our dad for years to make old-timey coffins for him an my mom; something from which even my ever practical and happy to save money however he can dad seems to shy away.

Up next, churches! Specifically Saint Giles. The cemeteries seemed to be a nice segue.

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