20 December 2014

Is This Irony?

Truly, with the gross misuse and abuse of the word over the last 20 years I really am not sure if I ever use 'irony' correctly or not. A fly in your Chardonnay is not irony...it's just a fly with bad taste in wine.

But is this conversation I had with L. last night; ironic?


Andrea: So I changed my Twitter self description. It's now: Adventurer, wine drinker, acidental humorist, and very bad speller.

L: Was the "acidental" accidental?" :p

Andrea: hahaha

L: Or ironic?

Andrea: It's spelled correctly on titter.



damn i

L: lmao

Andrea: i gove up


L: roflmao

dude I can't breathe.

I'm laughing hard and trying to be quiet about it (context: she's in a shared office in US)

Andrea: Me too! (context: it's almost 1 AM in Istanbul and I have a guest trying to sleep)

L: oh god

that was fantastic

Andrea: I have to gigure out how to share this

f*&k me


So I guess whether or not I have a handle on 'irony' at least I'm living up to my claim about being an 'accidental humorist'.

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