31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

New Year's Eve! Tonight we say good-bye to all of the let-downs, set-backs, and failures of 2014 and make promises to ourselves for what we will do better or different(ly) in 2015. For me 2014 was a pretty good year. I traveled, ticked items off my bucket list, saw some marvelous theatre, made new friends (a true feat), broke through a building wall to rescue my cat, witnessed a miracle, saw one of my best friends happily married, served at a Papal Mass, continued to stand on my own feet, and had tribute laid at them. I think my only real regret is not having done more.

What will 2015 hold? I have no idea; there is so much over which we have no control. What I can control though I will so in 2015 I will:

  1. Learn to play the Turkish mey
  2. Improve my Turkish
  3. Write (if not publish) a book
  4. Travel more within Turkey; specifically to: Mount Nemrut, Mardin, Canakale
  5. Visit my friends in Serbia
  6. Visit a new country; I'm thinking Iceland
  7. Go to a Christmas market in Europe
  8. Finally learn what all the buttons on my camera do
My ambitions may be neither great nor many but I am happy with them. I might add a ninth...I've been thinking about crowd funding my wine reviews. People do Kickstarter and Crowdfunding campaigns for some of the oddest things now so, why not?

Whether or not you make or keep to your new year's resolutions; ParMieux Adventures wishes you an amazing 2015!

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Anonymous said...

Ephesus one more time to the list, okay, it is my list.