22 December 2014

Turkish Wine of the Week - Suvla Kabatepe Red

In addition to the its already overwhelming selection of excellent wine; Suvla also produces a series called Kabatepe-a table red, white, and blush. If the red, which we're reviewing today, is an indication of the complete series then Suvla has done the impossible...produced an under 20TL wine that is GOOD!

Garnet in color with a fruity and slightly spicy nose, the 2012 Kabatepe Red is a busy blend: Cabernet Sauvignon 47%, Merlot 21%, Syrah 21%, Petit Verdot 8%, and Cabernet France 3%; with a flavor profile indicative of the three most dominant grapes. Juicy, slightly acidic with light tannins and hints of raspberry and pepper, the Kabatepe Red is consistent from the first taste to its not so lengthy finish.

While it is not a spectacular, blow your socks off wine (unlike Suvla's Sır and Petit Verdot which continue to be my favorites) it is a very nice red table wine and would accompany meats and red sauces nicely. With this flavor and price combination you simply cannot go wrong.

Since I can never buy just one of a series, I also bought the white and blush on my last visit to the Suvla shop so those reviews will be coming soon!

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