08 April 2015

Turkish Wine of the Week - Chateau Nuzu 2011

Procured at Comedus for a reasonable 43 TL, this particular Chateau Nuzu is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Öküzgözü.We actually drank some time ago, when the January weather was nicer than our current April weather. Le sigh.

Aside from the ruby red color, the tartness on the palate was the first thing we all noticed. It was really acidic giving the wine a sour flavor. With the sour yeastiness dominating, I had a hard time tasting anything else but believe I did detect some plum and cherry flavors hiding in there.

Rather extreme tartness wasn't the Chataeu Nuzu 2011's only surprise we discovered. Sediment-lots of it in fact which might explain why the wine was so sour. I'm not expert but my understanding is that sediment doesn't often appear in wines as young as a 2011 production; it's more often found in (red) wines that are eight-ten years and older.

All that aside we certainly managed to finish the bottle-no hardship really since it was accompanied by a selection of Comedus' excellent deli products including one of my new favorite things, thinly sliced, smoked Balkan meat. No idea what that really means but it is excellent.

And prosciutto. Comedus has prosciutto. Is it a wonder I go every couple weeks to stock up on wine and cold cuts?

We had some mixed reactions. M likes wine with high acid levels so he actually quite liked what I'm now pretty sure was a bum bottle. E and I were not fans. However even though I didn't like this one, I'm not going to say that it was a complete miss and I'd be curious to try it again; although next time I will check the bottle before I buy it to see if there's any sediment in it.

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