22 April 2015

Turkish Wine of the Week - Amadeus 2012 Cuvree Rouge

I suffer so that others do not have to. That's what I remind myself when I get a bottle of truly bad wine. Such was the case with the Amadeus 2012 Cuvree Rouge.

Amadeus was another new wine label to me when last I was at Comedus. At 43TL I thought that this Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz blend would be a good try. I mean, how wrong can you go, selecting a wine named after one of the greatest composers who ever lived? Really super wrong apparently.

To describe the basics of the wine: oak in the nose, dark cherries, and black currant followed by a fruity flavor with medium low tannins and  long finish in no way prepares you for how horrible it was. Thick and syrupy, this was a red wine hangover waiting to happen. In point of fact it did not wait to happen. I not only refused a second glass but poured out the remains of my first. It was actually offensive.

Make a bad-tasting wine was apparently not enough for the makers of this abomination. It seems they wanted to take a leaf from the Cracker Jack book and included a surprise in the bottle. Not sediment, I think we would have been happy for some sediment. But no, we got this large sliver of, what we assumed was part of the barrel in which it was fermented. Luckily E noticed it before she swallowed.

Avoid. Much like, but really so many times worse than Mozart Kugeln, the Amadeus Cuvree Rouge is a slanderous use of a famous name. I wouldn't even recommend this to people I don't like.

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