29 July 2015

Turkish Wine of the Week - Chamlija 2012 Viognier

I went to Sensus wine bar a number of weeks ago and had a little bit of a shopping spree. Among the spoils of my trip was a Turkish Viognier. A Turkish Viognier!! I did not know that Turkey made Viognier and I was so freaking excited to see it I didn't even flinch at the 95TL price tag.

If you're going to spend 95TL on a bottle of wine though; this one is worth it.

Golden straw colored with an aromatic floral, peach, and apple nose; I must admit that I just sat with the nose for a little while. Sometimes the nose ends up being so much more enjoyable than the actual wine and I was worried that I would be disappointed by the taste after I'd worked myself into such a state of Viognier having excitement.

Happily I was not disappointed. My tasting notes read: "Ooooooo". Buttery with touches of honey, peach, apple, and apricot. Fresh and polished with medium acid, the Chamlija Viognier was a truly enjoyable drinking experience. One of the things I like about Viogniers is I find that, while they are dry wines, they have something of a late harvest flavor but without the cloying sweetness one often finds in late harvests.

Chamlija Viognier, we will meet again!

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