08 July 2015

Turkish Wine of the Week - Yazgan Mahra 2013

I found a cork in one of my purses the other day and remembered that I got the cork at Solera some time back when E&M and I were there. We had a wine that night I liked a lot and kept the cork to remind myself. 

Unfortunately the cork was marked with only the maker's name and not the exact wine so when I finally remembered to go back to buy a bottle I bought the only Yazgan on hand at the time-the 2013 Mahra Kalecik Karasi-Syrah blend.

In the glass the Mahra is a nice clear red/garnet color. On the nose...red berries, cherries, maybe a little vanilla and clove. Is it possible for a wine to be both cliff edge AND have a medium finish? The bulk of the flavor drops off quickly but the tannins stick around a bit on the tongue and roof of the mouth letting the flavor linger.

The flavor is largely cherry/boysenberry, leaning a little to the tart side evened out by some nice spice. It's a decent blend of these two grapes with the Syrah providing a bit of backbone to the Kalecik Karasi. I do like stand alone Kalecik Karasi wines, they're generally a safe bet here, but blending gives them firmer legs to stand on.

Any wine is considerably enhanced by this view

In the end the Yazgan 2013 Mahra was...fine. There was nothing really distinguishing or memorable about it either good or bad really. I can't say I would buy it again but I will be looking for more of Yazgan's wines to see if I can find what so impressed me that night.

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