01 July 2015

Turkish Wine of the Week - Nodus 2012 Cabernet Franc-Merlot

Like the Urla, Nodus was another new discovery at Comedus. Although I think Nodus has better sense than Urla as it was touting an award from Germany, a country of very respectable if sadly under appreciated wines.

I chose this partially because Nodus was new to me but mostly because I continue to search for a respectable Turkish Cabernet Franc. That this was a Cab Franc-Merlot blend didn't thrill me a whole lot but I take what I can get.

A very pretty garnet in the glass, I was getting a lot of green pepper in the nose which surprised me. I don't usually look for either of these varietals to be bell peppery.

Soft with low tannins and low acid, the mouth was full of lovely black mulberries and cherries. If I recall correctly, this was the night I heard the whole story of how M and E met as he and I got a little tipsy on a couple bottles. I believe the first bottle was the Turasan Syrah from a previous post followed by this one. Lesson learned: drink the more expensive wine first. If you're paying 75TL for a bottle of wine you're going to want to be able to really savor that bad boy...not only half pay attention to it because you've already got half a bottle of 38TL wine in you.

For all of that...meh. It was fine. It wasn't objectionable...but for price not really worth a second visit. So while I started this post with props to Nodus for proudly displaying an award from a good wine country...now I'm questioning Germany's sense.

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