11 October 2007

Coke Blak

Ok, so yes, Coke Blak is old news. But I wrote a mini review of it when it first came out that was featured on another blog but must simply be shared.

So Coke Blak. Now, I love coke, and I love coffee, but putting the two together is just wrong. However, always on the search for the next caffeinated beverage that will keep me awake (I used to swear by Water Joe, caffeinated water, in college). I was game to try it when Lauren brought it home last night. We actually got the word on this new beverage months ago (I believe it debuted in Europe quite ahead of its release date here) and we've been looking for it ever since. At one time, our ghetto Safeway had a big huge display set up for it...but no product. However, Lauren found it last night at the Hidden Safeway and we were ready to go!

I felt very brave as I took my first sip. Its smell was somewhat noxious and I'd just seen Lauren's entire body shudder after her first drink. Not entirely sure what to expect and somewhat put off by the drink's smell of burned sugar, I cautiously tilted back the bottle and let the black brew slowly spill from the mouth and over my tongue.

And this is all I could say about it:


And yet, for some reason, I continued to drink! And drink and drink. It became a compulsion and I simply couldn't stop!! I can't say it really gave me any special powers, no boost of energy, and I certainly didn't feel the desire to stay up any later than normal.

So coke blak gets two thumbs...to the side from me. It definitely does not taste nearly good enough for even one thumb up, but the curious desire to keep drinking means it shouldn't get a thumb down either.

*Just an fyi that I am far more attractive than that.

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David Klecha said...

I dunno, it's a good look...