29 October 2007

Photo of the Day - Parliament

As I've mentioned previously, my activities in Budapest consisted mainly of wandering around in the freezing cold taking pictures while my hands and fingers, ungloved so as to work the camera, got frostbite. No, seriously it really was not that cold, but it was cold enough to necessitate a long sleeve shirt, a very heavy sweater, thick scarf, long wool coat, hat, and gloves.

One of my favorite buildings in Budapest is their Parliament. It is one of the most lavish creations I've seen in a while and I took about a million (small exaggeration) pictures of it. The best views of the building were actually from the Buda side of the Danube. If you stood on an overlook in the Castle district you could see the entire building in all it's domed and spired glory.

And, thanks to the folks at Snapfish, I managed to create a print of the above photo that reminds me of the type of postcard you can buy that's an old picture. It's the sepia tone and the fuzzy white border that does it but still, neat.

Budapest is one of those cities that looks "right" in black and white or sepia. It's age seems to be more comfortable with those romantic tones than it does in color.

Pentax 35 mm film

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