05 October 2007

Andrea's Photo of the Day

I took this photo last March-ish when I was in Serbia. Kalemegdan, a large fortress that was first the stronghold of the Turks when they ruled the area, then of the Austrian when they ousted the Turks, is now a large park in the Serbian capital Belgrade. I was fortunate enough to spend several months working in Belgrade and wandered around Kalemegdan quite often. The park includes walkways, restaurants, two churches (both Serbian Orthodox), a small amusement park with rides for children, and the Belgrade zoo. A lot of the original wall surrounding the fortress (pictured) still stands and interestingly enough, the government is actively rebuilding the fortress walls and possibly eventually the entire fortress itself.

I did not have much to do on my down time and weeknds so I wandered around and took a lot of pictures, most of them actually in Kalemegdan. I was attempting creative shots all over the city and I think I actually managed something nice in this one.
Digital format, Kodak EasyShare Z710 7.1MP

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