10 October 2007

Harman Center Opening Gala

Andrea and I both work part-time for the Shakespeare Theatre which is now the Shakespeare Theatre at the Harman Center for the Arts. The reason for the name change is because Dr. Sydney Harman was so generous in the Shakespeare Theatre's endeavor to build a new facility, that they decided to name it after him.

That was about 5 years ago.

A few weeks ago, said facility finally opened. After many, many weeks of wandering through a dusty construction site, getting sick from the dust while giving tours to our ushers, the facility is finally open! STC hosted a black tie gala at the National Building Museum to commemorate the occasion!!!

For those that could afford them, the best seats were up front. Considering that Andrea and I moonlight at the theatre, we weren't exactly willing to cough up $1500 a plate for dinner and a show. Instead, we put our names on the list (free), and we showed up at the prescribed time in our 'Gala Best.'

Because we got in free, we were sat WAAAAAY in the back of the Museum. But no worries, being as far back as we were, we were still afforded a fully open bar, and (yay!) DESSERT! At our table was a constantly refilled TOWER of sweet things!!! The best things on the tower were tiramisu and petit fours, and a healthy serving of marshmallows on a stick! Considering Marshmallows are one of my most favorite foods (the world's most perfect!), I delighted in my great fortune.

After dessert, the alcohol of the evening started to kick in, and the live band started to play oldies. Everyone loves oldies! Andrea especially loves them, and every time a good song would begin she would shriek, "I love this song!" at the top of her lungs!

However, I think that everyone's head around us nodded in agreement because the music was pretty great, and was cause enough for everyone there to dance until the wee hours of the night. We took our sore feet home sometime around 1:30am; the alcohol still flowed freely, so the party was still going strong until long after we left the party.

Andrea and I love to get dressed up and attend events like this. Here in DC, if you try hard enough, you could attend a black tie gala every other night. We're already talking about what to wear to the next one. I guess we need to find that next one. Cheers!

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Vexed Virgin said...

Actually, I heard SF talking about the event and the price per plate was actually a whopping $50,000-which we definitely did not have at our disposal...