22 October 2007

Photo of the day - Buddha Heads

On my way home from India I took a too-brief stop in Thailand. On some friends' recommendations I made a point to visit Aythaya which is a short train ride outside of Bangkok. They promised that since I could not make the trip to Ancor Wat in Cambodia, the ruins at Aythaya would would be a similar experience. And right they were! There will be more on said ruins later but today's photo is a this grouping of Buddha statue heads.

There are signs all over the ruins instructing you to not substitute your head for Buddha's (like the face cut-outs at fairs and amusement parks). There were statues aplenty missing their heads but this was one of the few groupings of heads that I found. I loved the look of them sitting there with such serene faces as though they knew that they were missing their bodies but were ok with it.

Pentax 35mm film camera

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