17 October 2007

Meridian Hill

One of DC’s hidden treasures has got to be Meridian Hill Park (aka Malcolm X Park). Located in NW between 16th and 15th and running from Euclid to V st… a visit to Meridian Hill Park is akin to a quick trip to Italy.

The park is largely surrounded with a wall and you do not realize its extent or its beauty until you step inside. Once in, you can wander amongst the tall hedges and trees, sit by the glorious waterfall/fountain, visit with Roman-style statues, and enjoy a sense of peace and well-being that I myself believe very difficult to find here.

Meridian Hill is also home to one of the two statues of female historical figures in DC. Of all the statues here, and there are many, there are only two of women. Jean d’Arc, a gift from the women of France to the women of DC, sitting on her charging battle steed, sits on the level above the waterfall and looks down over the park.

The park is a lovely place to spend a few quite hours, bask in the sun, hide in
the shade, and generally manage to forget that you live in as tumultuous and tense city as this.

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