19 April 2012

Behind the T-walls: DUST!

I am writing to you from the middle of a dust storm...yes. Right now a dust storm. There are times when I am reminded that in spite of working in a semi-normal office, and wearing working clothes, and doing working work, I am actually in Iraq. The biggest reminders for me are not usually the blasts (though we hear those sometimes), but the fact that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is covered in dust. Usually it's just a fine layer of dust, but especially after a storm like this one, it's pretty much caked every where.  Not to mention, if you can see it in the air, it's also in your eyes, in your mouth, and in your food.

I was sitting in my office, and the color of the room changed suddenly. At first I thought that it was because the blinds were blocking out the sun, but no. I looked out the window, and the whole sky was orange, and visibility was pretty much zero. I couldn't see anything. Then I realized, I could also smell the dust in the air. Windows closed, and yes, you can actually smell the dust.

Me against the dust
Then, I thought crap...my dust mask is at home...a lot of good it's doing me there! I ran to get it, braving the dust-laden air, and hoping, no, praying I didn't have an asthma attack on the way. You see, I'm allergic to dust, and I won't be able to get a new inhaler until I go on leave next week! Yes, I know there's dust in Iraq. oops.
Dust-covered flowers

close up of dusty leaves. This is after only 1 hour

Walking back to the office, this is what it looked like.

And then I got back to work and walked to our backyard. I can barely make out the sun (in the top 1/3 of the picture). But then I see that there's something missing. A BIG something. Do you know what it is?

Here, look a little bit closer:

  Still don't know?

This is the same.exact.view on a normal day:
 Yes, it's a HUGE mosque on the other side of the street that missing. 
I was telling someone here to beware the dust, and they reply to me, "We're in Iraq. There's dust here. You didn't know?" Ha. ha. ha.


Anonymous said...

Yeah... We are definitely not playing tonight! Someone needs to put a hose on that court!!! :) RayRay...

Rasha said...

Bless u, it's no good being in Iraq :(
I do miss it sometime though!!