26 April 2012

Garlic Makes Me Happy

The day I got to London my best girlfriend and I went to see Matilda the Musical (so much fun!). The kids were cute, it had the cleverest set I've ever seen (school desks rise out of the floor), and I never ever thought that my favorite character would be Miss Trunchbull-in this case played by a guy in drag. Glad we got our tickets a couple weeks ago too because Matilda just won 8 Olivier awards-more than any other show ever.

But the important part of the post is that before the musical we had dinner at Soho's Garlic & Shots. I love, love, LOVE garlic so this was like food Mecca for me. If you like garlic, you're in or near London, then you should go.

 It's small and apparently doesn't take reservations so get there early.

 Garlic infused vodka. Better than you'd think and interestingly enough, kind of sweet.

 Best garlic bread ever!

 Her spicy sweet garlic ribs-melted off the bone. I ate her roasted garlic.

 My garlic burger-she ate my pickles (yuck).

And this was my shame. I thought I was starved after having not really eaten since breakfast and being two hours ahead of London time (having just come from Beirut) but I couldn't get through everything. Portions were huge so if you do go...split an entree.

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