20 December 2010

Turkish Entertainment

In addition to sightseeing and shopping and lounging in the hamam, we also took in some of the entertainment. One night we went to the Night of Turkish Entertainment show. It included dinner with traditional fare, wine, and dancers and a singer.

The show opened with, well normally I'd call it "traditional" dancing but almost all the dances we saw that night were traditional. So let's say this is the Turkish version of the polka.

We also had a couple different bellydancers. The first one came out with wings; which are super cool but which you also don't see a lot.

And in  heels as well!

The second bellydancer was quite good but we weren't too keen on her costume. Tie dye has its place but not, to me, on a bellydance costume.

There were also dancing midgets! I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw that in the program but turns out they weren't real little people.

And crikey could the male dancers leap about! This guy was even en pointe for a while. Yeouch.

One night later in the trip I stumbled across a cafe that had nightly live music and a Dervish. The whirling was so eerie. I can't figure out how he didn't just fall down. It was truly trans-like. I mean, usually spinning/turning like that requires beign able to spot or you just fall over (like me) but he wasn't spotting. Sigh...I so wish I could spot. It's always been my bellydancing weakness. And now that I'm taking pole dancing classes (so fun) I have to figure out how to spot while spinning around a pole. That's just not happening. Maybe I need to get some lessons from a Dervish.

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