20 December 2010

Beyazit Mosque

The last mosque I visited, Beyazit Mosque, was near the university. I stopped in here after being thwarted at the Sulemaniye Mosque.

The courtyard was very peaceful and I spent a while there just sitting and relaxing.

Fountain for washing feet.

The domes soaring far above were similar to the domes in other mosques but I was particularly struck in this one by how warm the colors seemed. Again like many mosques, blue and white were the predominant colors but this one seemed somehow 'cozier' than the others.

Maybe I just had my camera on some odd settings (which is entirely possible) but I like to think that this one was just different.

I also liked the detail on the entrance door to this one. You can also see the green curtain I had to duck under to enter. Most mosques have these heavy green curtains covering the doors. Many times they were at least partially raised which a friend told me was to encourage you to bow when entering.

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